Safety Consultant / Supervisor

Our seasoned professionals, with over two decades of experience in the professional emergency services sector, are dedicated to enhancing your organization’s safety preparedness.

Why RiscSafe?

Proven Industry Experience

Our team comprises veterans from the emergency services, ensuring a deep understanding of operational challenges.

Tailored Safety Solutions

We develop customized safety strategies based on your specific needs

Compliance Assurance

RiscSafe keeps you ahead of regulatory changes to maintain the highest safety standards.

Why RiscSafe for Entertainment Safety

Seamless Integration with Creativity

Our safety supervisors understand the balance between safety and creative expression.

Industry-Specific Expertise

RiscSafe's team has a profound understanding of the unique challenges in the entertainment industry.

Incident-Free Productions

We take pride in contributing to incident-free and successful productions.

Services and Expertise

Job Safety & Risk

Riscsafe: Your safety partner. We prioritise risk assessment for a resilient workplace. Our expert consultants guide you in identifying and mitigating hazards, ensuring compliance, safeguarding your team, assets, and reputation. Choose Riscsafe for proactive safety solutions and a secure future.

First Aid

At Riscsafe, we emphasise the critical role of onsite first responders in ensuring immediate response to emergencies. Trained and ready, they are the first line of defense, promoting a safer workplace, reducing injury severity, and fostering a culture of care and well-being. Choose Riscsafe for comprehensive safety solutions

Working at Height

At Riscsafe, we prioritise managing height risks for a secure workplace. Our expert consultants who are nationally credentialed, assess and implement tailored solutions to mitigate hazards, ensuring compliance, and fostering a culture of safety. Choose Riscsafe for proactive height risk management and a resilient future.

Water Safety

At Riscsafe, our expertise extends to managing water hazards, including Swiftwater Rescue. With nationally accredited solutions, our consultants ensure a secure workplace, drawing on professional emergency service experience. Choose Riscsafe for comprehensive water hazard management and unparalleled safety.

RPAS (Drone) Safety

At Riscsafe, we prioritise the vital role of RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) safety. Some of our expert safety consultants are qualified RPAS pilots and offer intricate knowledge of inherent risks and legislative requirements. Choose Riscsafe for comprehensive RPAS safety solutions, ensuring compliance and fostering a secure work environment.

Technical Safety in Unique Environments

At Riscsafe, we understand the critical importance of safety supervision in unique and dangerous environments. Our seasoned safety consultants bring decades of professional emergency service experience, offering unparalleled confidence in providing vigilant oversight tailored to the specific challenges of your workplace. Choose Riscsafe for expert guidance, ensuring a secure and resilient operational environment.

Professional Respect

Everyone deserves to enter a professional work environment feeling safe and respected. Our company fosters a culture of respect on and off set, supporting Professional Respect in the Workplace training. Our Safety Officers actively encourage diverse cultural expressions in the film industry.

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Television, Film and Entertainment Safety

In the dynamic world of television, film and entertainment, RiscSafe brings eight years of specialised safety management experience, allowing creativity to flourish in a secure environment.